Allegiance Chaos Dies
King Parrot Bite your head off
Voyager Stare into the night
Twelve Foot Ninja Mother sky
Pod People Filling The Void
Abramelin Humble Abode
Sydonia Ocean of Storms
In Malice’s Wake Evil by Design
Death Audio Down
Alchemist First Contact
The Mark Of Cain Barkhammer
Branch Arterial Temple
Eyefear Shadowdance
Contrive Is this the way?
Dreadnaught The Push
Parkway Drive Old Ghosts / New Regrets
Chaos Divine One Door
The Levitation Hex Internal Chatter
Slaughterlord Slaughterlord
Be’Lakor Remants
Cog Bird Of Feather
Black Majesty Voice of Change
Ne Obliviscaris Of The Leper Butterflies
Armoured Angel Enigmatise

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