REQUEST SHOW – Bands that start with the letter ‘B’!

Bellusira – Warrior
Buried In Verona – Eclipse

Bane Of Isildur – Furious Hunt
Blood Duster – Metal As Fuck

Forever The Optimist – Devils Advocate
Be’lakor – Absit Omen

Black Like Vengeance – Snuff is my Business (And Business is Booming)
Breaking Orbit – Time Traveller

Bestial Warlust – Barbaric Horde
Black Majesty – Evil In Your Eyes
Bronson – The Dispossessed

Boris The Blade – Desolation
Barbariƶn – Barbarion
Balloons Kill Babies – Leviathan

Black Trillium – The Locked Woods
The Berzerker – The Principles and Practices of Embalming

Bound for Ruin – Eradicate
Blatherskite – The Other

Branch Arterial – Sleep Sound
Beanflipper – Embrace The Calm

Bear The Mammoth – In Absence Of Gravity

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