Dreadnaught The Gobbler
Abreact Bomber
Eyefear Immortals
4arm Raise A Fist
Armoured Angel Myth Of Creation
Fuck I’m Dead Grave Desecrator
Caligula’s Horse The City Has No Empathy
Subjektive Your World Will End
Darkcell Six Hundred & Six Six
Mammoth Mammoth Sitting Pretty
Black Majesty Edge Of The World
Christbait Swing
Futility Another Black Day
Red Bee Thin Red Line
Ouroboros Dissolve
The Furor Propogate The Blasphemy
Voyager Broken
The Mark Of Cain Heart Of Stone
The Kill Another Weirdo In The Mosh
Cryogenic Severed
Agave Maize Pale, Lifeless, Divine
Karnivool Themata
Kunvuk Teeth Swallower

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