Witchgrinder – Haunted
Rise of Avernus – Path To Shekinah

Northlane – Node
Kyzer Soze – God Of War

Horizons Edge – Ride The Stars
Breaking Orbit – When Isis Starts to Cry
King Parrot – Punisher

Sanzu – Phenomena
Dyssidia – Aether’s Eyes

Ouroboros – Beneath Heaven’s Waves
Hadal Maw – Altar Of Ire
Pathogen – Beyond Repent
Ne Obliviscaris – As Icicles Fall
Envenomed – Spirit Machine
The Butterfly Effect – Consequence
The Occupants – I’ve Been Thinking
I Killed the Prom Queen – Melior
Log – The Chimp
Claim The Throne – Forged In Flame
Cog – Moo
Devolved – Fallen Cities
The Charge – The Rivers will return