Hailmary Yellow Light Of Death
Lomera Prayer Light
Breaking Orbit Time Traveller
Pegazus Road Warrior
Frankenbok Rebels In The Sewer
Diprosus Stirfried
Allegiance Torn Between Two Worlds
Vessel Desire Disdain
The Amenta Teeth
Branch Arterial Temple
Airborne Armed & Dangerous
The Nerve Witness
Portal Awryeon
I Am Duckeye Punching Dicks
Armoured Angel Enigmatise
Deligma Goodbye
Abramelin Misfortune
Black Trillium The Perfumed Garden
Jerk Disintergrating
Norse Black Ocean
Mortal Sin Blood, Death, Hatred
Not Another Sequel, Just Another Prequel Shadows
Malignant Monster Human Nature Stained
Daysend Acid Laced Fiasco

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