Abreact – From Here
Coffin Carousel – Sinister

Chaos Divine – Badge of Honour
Decimatus – Fate without faith

Actuality – Perspective

A Night In Texas – The God Delusion

Three Tonne Deep – Time
Daemon Pyre – The Usurper Of Hope

Opia – Signs
Khariot – Rephormulated Paradox

Mass Sky Raid – Enemy
Feed Her To The Sharks – Heart of Stone

AUSSIE REQUESTS – Bands that released albums between 2000 to 2010 only!
Dreadnaught – Dead In The Dirt
Karnivool – Themata
Pod People – Filling the Void
Heavy Weight Champ – This Revolution
Frankenbok – Victims
Cog – Resonate
Double Dragon – Beneath The City Of Churches
Astriaal – Acquisition Of The Stars
Sunk Loto – Sunken Eyes
The Butterfly Effect – Black Lung
Alchemist – First Contact
The Berzerker – Cannibal Rights

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