4arm I Will Not Bow Down
Twelve Foot Ninja Vanguard
Alchemist Spiritechnology
Nekrofeist Australian Made
Mammoth Mammoth Bury Me
Devolved Accelerated Human Degeneration
Pod People Spark
Dungeon Caught Somewhere In Time
Malignant Monster Back In The Icebox
Sleepmakeswaves We Sing The Body Electric
Templestowe Vacant Illusions
The Day Everything Became Nothing Vin Cerro
The Mark Of Cain The Argument
Atomizer Atomic Metal Power
Pathogen Identity Theft
Cog Bondi
Darkc3LL Six Hundred & Six Six
Sydonia Words
King Parrot Dead End
Hobbs Angel Of Death Satan’s Crusade
Eyefear Eyes Of Madness

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