Sydonia Words
Devolved Systematic Avenger
Breaking Orbit Callsign
Empire God favors the brave
Earth The Bleeding Fields
Mammoth Mammoth Sitting Pretty
Frankenbok Flyblown
The Levitation Hex Internal Chatter
Vanishing Point Surrender
King Parrot Shit On The Liver
Karnivool Shutterspeed
Malignant Monster Back In The Icebox
Heavyweight Champ Filters
Nekrofeist Australian Made
Discordia Gunwitch
Frankenbok Cut The Rope
Cold Divide Weaponized
Parkway Drive Deliver Me
Caligula’s Horse Equally Flawed
Internal Nightmare Born To Hate
Twelve Foot Ninja Liberation
The Furor Cult Crusher
Allegiance Hate Frenzy

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