Order Of Chaos – Dead On Arrival
Anubis – A King With No Crown

Envenomed – Spoils Of Victory
Voyager – The Domination Game

The Black Swamp – Legion
Kunvuk – Into Twitcher

Hemina – Freedom
Interview w/ Shaun Coar from Bound For Ruin
Interview Part.1
Bound For Ruin – Principia
Interview Part.2
Bound For Ruin – From Victim to Villain

Sleepmakeswaves – Emergent

Interview w/ Nick Calpakdjian – Metal Down Under Director
Interview Part.1
Abramelin – Humble Abode
Interview Part.2
Blood Duster – SixSixSixteen

The Furor – Inferno Fortification
Evil Eye – Get Out

Mushroom Giant – Primaudial Soup
Diamond Noir – The Hollow
Mortification – The Jaws Of Life

Bear The Mammoth – What?s yours was mine

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