I Exist – Heal Me In Smoke
Darkc3ll – Suicide Death Ride
Vanishing Point – Distant Is The Sun
Buried In Verona – Graves
Voyager – Breaking Down
I Killed The Prom Queen – The Beaten Path
Interview w/ Jake from In Hearts Wake
Interview Part.1
In Hearts Wake – Departure (Death)
Interview Part.2
In Hearts Wake – Traveller (The Fool)
Mephistopheles – Soldiers Of The Endtime
Blood Duster – D.F.F.
Sydonia – Here
Red Bee – Through To You
Cryogenic – Shock Value
Interview w/ Ben Hocking from Aeon Of Horus
Interview Part.1
Aeon Of Horus – Symbiosis
Interview Part.2
Aeon Of Horus – Antithesis 1
Interview Part.3
Aeon Of Horus – Dissipate
Mortal Sin – I Am Immortal
SCENE REPORT – Townsville w/Damien Ricketts
Ghosts Of Black River – Damaged
Black Majesty – Wish You Well
Altars – Nepenthe….. Sepulcher

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