Neo Tokyo – Neon
Headbore – Temptress
Aeon Of Horus – Release
Witchgrinder – The Demon Calling
Icecocoon – Fire to Ice
Interview w/ Matt Young from King Parrot during USA Tour Update #2.
Interview Part.1
King Parrot – Silly ‘Ol Mate
Interview Part.2
King Parrot – Bite Your Head Off
Forever The Optimist – End of Antics
Boris The Blade – Desolation
Atra Vetosus – A Palace Shrouded In Emptiness
Interview w/ Rodney Holder from 
Interview Part.1
Alchemist – First Contact
Interview Part.2
Interview Part.3
Alchemist – Dancing To Life
Interview Part.4
Alchemist – Yoni Kunda
Desecrator – Bred, Fed, Then Dead (LIVE)
Cog – Paris, Texas
Temtris – Masquerade
Internal Nightmare – Profuse Bleeding

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