Crimsonfire – Winterstorm
Eye of The Enemy – The Shift

Copia – The Awakening
Dr Alien Smith – Underslung

Envenomed – Mechanical Enemy
The Horror – DroppingLikeFlies

Like Thieves – Brave The Day

Interview w/ Jason North from NEWDEAD FEST / TRUTH CORRODED
King Parrot – Bite Your Head Off

Chaos Divine – The Beaten Path
OverProof Groove – Lies

Bear The Mammoth – Hieronymus Bosch

Hailmary – Liar In My Chair

REQUESTS – Bands that start with the letter ‘C’!
Contrive – Confusions Way
Christbait – Swing
Circles – On My Way
Cog – Open Up
Cauldron Black Ram – The Poisoner
Chalice – The Jester’s Banquet
Captain Cleanoff – Your Fate
Corpsickle – The Rising
Cryogenic – Death By Misadventure

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