As Angels Bleed – Driven To Flames
Chronolyth – Age Of Fear
Rise of Avernus – Disenchanted
Bound for Ruin – The Fracture
The Nerve – Be Myself
Altars – Mare
INTERVIEW w/ Dejan Toracki
Interview Part.1
Dejan Toracki – Atomic Shadows
Interview Part.2
Dejan Toracki – Lost
Truth Corroded – They Are Horror
Darkc3ll – Bang!
Mandala – Mimic
Dead Kelly – New World Slaughter
Alchemist – Dancing To Life
The Schoenberg Automaton – All roads lead to Rome
Cold Divide – Weaponized
The Nerve – 14 Again
Infernal Method – Union Of Animal And Genius
Bestial Warlust – Death Rides Out

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