Tempest Rising – No Remorse
Divine Ascension – Machine

Yanomamo – Ativan and Whiskey
Segression – Refuse To React

Engine Three Seven – Angry Animals
Jericco – Colour Outside The Lines

Opus Of A Machine – Hourly Painted Obscurity
Mar Mortuum – Nihilistic Advance

Sumeru – Holy Lands
Interview w/ David Godfrey from Armoured Earth
Interview Part.1
Armoured Earth – Hope It Hurts
Interview Part.2
Armoured Earth – Playing To Win

Alkira – Submission Therapy

From Birth To Burial – Knowledge Of Old
The Horror – Anyone Can Grind

Interview w/ Brendan & John from All This Filth
All This Filth – Programmed To Suffer

Mercury Sky – Keeper’s Secrets
Interview w/ Ben Davis from Tria Mera
Interview Part.1
Tria Mera – Severance
Interview Part.2
Tria Mera – The Sacrifice