Scar The Surface – A Strength that Overcomes
DARKC3LL – Exorcist
Balloons Kill Babies – Leviathan
Aberration Nexus – Graced with Darkness
Circles – Responses
Heaven The Axe – Good Things Come To Those Who Hate
Forever The Optimist – Revolutions
Eternal Rest – Manifestation
8 Foot Sativa – Shadow Masters
Arteries – In Vicious Circles
Dead Deities – A Fair Go
Perpetual End – A Perfect Storm
Ouroboros – Lashing Of The Flames
Nazxul – Watching and withering
Dreadnaught – The Push
Psychrist – The Abysmal Fiend
Switchblade – Lacerate
Diminish The Gods – Prionic Embrace
Hemina – And Now to Find a Friend
Blood Duster – Porn Store Stiffi
The Mark Of Cain – (R) Retaliate

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