Absolution – Don’t You Want To Feel At Peace
Dyssidia – Aether’s Eyes
Voyager – V The Domination Game
Claret Ash – Effigy of Insolence
Whisky Smile – Catfish Lake
Brimstone – Reaper
Solkyri – Team Solar
Advent Sorrow – With Storming Death
Sanzu – Defamer
Wardaemonic – Temple of Rats
Suffer In Rot – Butchered
Voros – Devilment

Aussie Covers Requests
Alchemist – Eve of the War
Lord – On A Night Like This
Contrive – Communion
Devolved – Battery
Abramelin – Cantara
Futility – Murder (Katatonia Cover)
Voros – Symbolic
Whisky Smile – Rock Lobster
Segression – High Speed Changer
The Furor – Show No Mercy
Frankenbok – Dont Call Me Baby
Damaged – Equimanthorn
Blood Duster – I Wanna Be Your Pimp (Dwarves cover)