Diminish The Gods – Combust Into Infinity
Bayview Suspect – Until Dusk
Alithia – What’s Real
Pestilent Doom – Catastrophic Organ Failure
Bear The Mammoth – Mossian
Dead Kelly – Put Em Up Cnt
Psycroptic – We Were The Keepers
Sumeru – Summon Destroyer
Lynchmada – Reptile Summer
Maniaxe – Black Death Saviour
Naberus – Hollow
Bands that start with letter ‘M’.
Mortality – Inventory
Mammal – Smash The Pinata
Manticore – Judicial Vomit
Mortification – Overseer
Metreya – Machines Of War
Mortal Sin – I Am Immortal
Mytile Vey Lorth – Journey of the demon
Mushroom Giant – Primaudial Soup
Meshiaak – At The Edge Of The World
Make Them Suffer – Vortex (Interdimensional Spiral Hindering Inexplicable Euphoria)
Malignant Monster – Back In The Icebox