Airbourne – Boneshaker
Mitchell Mantell – Idjentity
Witchgrinder – Demonic Death Machine
Seas of Conflict – Prometheus
Voyager – Severomance
Nightmares of The Sun – Approach of The Epoch
Meshiaak – Bury The Bodies
Trancestate – Pandemic (Australian Electronic Metal Deathcore)
Blackhelm – Serpent And Stone
The Butterfly Effect – Unbroken
Hybrid Nightmares – Ultor
Dungeon – The Legend Of Huma
Claret Ash – Devolution
Chaos Divine – Rapture
Hobbs Angel Of Death – House Of Death
King Parrot – Shit on the Liver
Mortal Sin – Lebanon
Sumeru – Embrace The Cold
Lord – United (Welcome Back)
The Amenta – Slave
Lo! – Butcher Birds