Whoretopsy – Divine Indigestion
Sumeru – Summon Destroyer
Lagerstein – Party All the Time (Eddie Murphy Cover)
Psycroptic – We Were The Keepers
Circadian Pulse – Medley Belief
Bear The Mammoth – Mossian
Lynchmada – Reptile Summer
Alithia – What’s Real
Diminish The Gods – Combust Into Infinity
As I Destruct – Redemption
Parkway Drive – The Colour Of Leaving
Espionage – Wings Of Thunder
Contrive – Is This The Way?
Claret Ash – Effigy of Insolence
Orpheus Omega – The Deconstruct
Voros – Impetus Of Misery
Damaged – The Travellin’ Maniac
Hypergiant – Retrograde
Abramelin – Humble Abode
Lo! – Glutton
Kyzer Soze – Aedes Satan
Templestowe – This Wrathful Abyss