Toxicon – Confidence Man
Contrive – The Immediate Age


Caligula’s Horse – The Cannon’s Mouth
Troldhaugen – BMX Terminator


King Parrot – Die Before You Die
Vault Of Valor – Plague Of The Earth
I Am Duckeye – Plums


Majora – Every Shadow Is Threatened By Morning Light
Coffin Carousel – Pale Raven Sky
Claim The Throne – Spirit Of Fire


Lavidius – Final Moments Rest
Devil Electric – Lady Velvet


YLVA – Metadata
Copia – Disconnected
Harlott – First World Solutions
Voyager – Stare Into The Night
Belligerent Intent – Be the Victorious
Chaos Divine – Badge of Honour
Darkcell – Hail To The Freaks
Carbon Black – Blood and Sacrifice
Mortal Sin – I Am Immortal
The Amenta – Teeth
Allegiance – Time To React
Claret Ash – Effigy of Insolence.
Stare At The Clouds – Concurrent Abreaction I- Presage (The Hunter)
Laceration Mantra – The Global Straightjacket