Above, Below – Labyrinth
Blackhelm – Carving a Titan
Voyager – Colours
Magnus – Saints Sedated
Seas of Conflict – Prometheus
Thraxas – Cthulhu Rising
Witchgrinder – Demonic Death Machine
Airbourne – Boneshaker
Rav Medic – The Sisters With Blood in Their Mouths
Snake Mountain – The Hunted
Freedom of Fear – The Abstract Venom
Evil Eye – Letters To Us
Chaos Divine – False Flags
Red Bee – Silent Enemy
Twelve Foot Ninja – Dark Passenger
Dreadnaught – Pushed To The Limit?
Vanishing Point – Circle Of Fire
Blood Duster – Northcote
The Mark Of Cain – Point Man
Alchemist – Tide In, Mind Out
Heaven The Axe – Enemy
Direblaze – Smelted Reformed And Doomed..
Astriaal – Ritual Hate Construct
Dyssidia – Dignity
Synthetic Breed – Resilience