Wolfpack – The Shield
Piston Fist – Rise Up
Where The Devil – Descending Death
Gutterfire – Chill
Nesher – Preservation of Privilege
The Opinion Industry – They’re Recording This
Twelve Foot Ninja  – Over And Out
Hatescape – Truth Or Consequences
Endvs – The Immortals – EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE!
Void Of Vision – The Lonely People
Desecrator – Manic
Wildeornes – White Caps
Minus Life – Contorted Reality
Caligula’s Horse – A Gift to Afterthought
12 Gauge Rampage – Dead In A Hot Tin Shed
Dead Kelly – Push Forward Fucken Engage
Abramelin – Horror-zontal
Switchblade – Wings Of Redemption
Thy Art Is Murder – Reign Of Darkness
Five Star Prison Cell – The Rise And Fall Of Red Sparrows
Voyager – Runaway
Ouroboros – Sanctuary
Psychrist – Abate the Chains of Rule
King Parrot – Epilectic Butcher
The Plague – Hand Of Greed
Hemina – Even in Heaven