Sunset Junkies – Love & War
The Last Martyr – Freaking Out
The Butterfly Effect – So Tired
Kronoceptor – Temple Of The Iron Stronghold
Seraphic – Insidious
Devil Electric – I Will Be Forgotten
The Amity Affliction – Give Up The Ghost
On My Command – Sword of the King
Mirrors – Purple Static
Northlane – Echo Chamber
Corruption Rising – Call To Arms
Allegiance – Torn Between Two Worlds
Victoria K – Forsaken (feat. Sheri Vengeance)
Frankenbok – I’m OK With It
Nothing Sacred – Final Crime
I Am Duckeye – Sifting
The Berzerker – No One Wins
Deströyer 666 – Phoenix Rising
Be’lakor – Locus
Vanishing Point – The Healing
Alchemist – Road To Ubar
Harlott – Nemesis
Christbait – Coinslot My Butt