Accept – Zombie Apocalypse
Of Mice & Men – Obsolete
Hidden Intent – Breaking Point
Todd La Torre – Vanguards of the Dawn Wall
John Carpenter – The Dead Walk
Eyehategod – Fake What’s Yours
Liquid Tension Experiment – The Passage of Time
Architects – Dead Butterflies
Nervosa – Under Ruins
Meshiaak – Severed
Dress the Dead – Knives Out
Sirenia – We Come To Ruins
Sumeru – Cold Chamber
Disentomb – Broken Under Your Symbol of Atonement
Cult Of Luna – Three Bridges
Therion – Tuonela
The Crown – Motordeath
The Stranger – Eleventh Hour
Moonspell – All or Nothing
Angelus Apatrida – The Age of Disinformation
The Amenta – An Epoch Ellipsis
HEAVY REQUESTS! Rock/Metal Bands that have the word ‘ANGEL’ in their name!
Morbid Angel – Blood On My Hands
Armoured Angel – Enigmatise
Hobbs Angel Of Death – Crucifixion
Death Angel – Humanicide
Dark Angel – Pain’s Invention, Madness
Angel Dust – Come Into Resistance
Angel Witch – Angel of Death
Angelcorpse – Wolflust
Angel Blake – Anywhere But Here
Angelus Apatrida – One of Us