Gojira – Sphinx
Of Mice And Men – Bloom
Pestilence – Morbvs Propagationem
Nanowar Of Steel  – Der Fluch des Käpt’n Iglo
At The Gates – Spectre of Extinction
Temtris – Race to the End
Go Ahead And Die – Isolated Desolated
Fear Factory – Disruptor
Oceans – Everyone I Love Is Broken (feat Robb Flynn)
Beartooth – Hell Of It
Those Left Behind – The Dark Passenger
Light The Torch – Wilting In The Light
Gwar – Fuck This Place (Acoustic)
Burning Witches – The Witch of the North
Mirrors – Beneath The Sand
Interloper – Pathkeeper
Incite – Deadbeat
Burial Pit – Lord Of Limbs
Silent Knight – Bad Romance (Lady Gaga Cover)
Warped  – Match Fit
Devil Sold His Soul – Burdened
Van Canto – Falling Down
Zombi – Black Forest
HEAVY REQUESTS – One Only! Your ‘Favourite’ Rock/Metal concert EVER!
Metallica – Blackened (Live – Seattle ’89)
Fear Factory – Edgecrusher
Anthrax – Intro to Reality
Anthrax – Belly of the Beast
Blind Guardian – Bright Eyes
Emperor – Alsvartr (The Oath)
Meshuggah – Future Breed Machine [Live]
Slayer – Mandatory Suicide (LIVE)
Destruction – Curse The Gods (Live)
Faith No More – Land of Sunshine