Nervosa – Elements Of Sin
Helmet – Gun Fluf

Cannibal Corpse – Pitchfork Impalement
Elm Street – The Price Of War

Sunk Loto – The Gallows Wait
Nanowar Of Steel – Metal Boomer Battalion

Steven Wilson – What Life Brings
Go Ahead And Die – M.D.A. (Most Dangerous Animal)

Within Temptation – Ritual
Blood Red Throne – Blade Eulogy

Kaosis – Sink into Grey
Primordial – Pilgrimage To The World’s End

KK’s Priest – Keeper Of The Graves
Orphans Of Dusk – I’m Going To Haunt You (When I Die)
Suffocation – Dim Veil Of Oscurity

Blood Incantation – Obliquity of the Ecliptic
Soen – Unbreakable
The Project Hate MCMXCIX – Revel In Glorified Demise

Watain – Black Flames March (Live)
Dragonforce – Doomsday Party

HEAVY REQUESTS! Rock/Metal songs that contain the word “IMMORTAL” in the title.
Fight – Immortal Sin
Morbid Angel – Immortal Rites
Pantera – Immortally Insane
Obituary – Immortal Visions
Dream Evil – Immortal
Ozzy Osbourne – Immortal
Freedom Of Fear – Immortal
Clutch – Immortal
Death Angel – Immortal Behated
Marduk – Darkness Breeds Immortality