Ghost Engine – Animal
The City – Faded
Lo! – Deafening Bleats of Apathy
Spacegoat – Eternal Return
Ecdysis – Disciple
Big Red Fire Truck – Trouble In Paradise
Our Last Enemy – Slay For Me
Wildeornes – Mouth Of The River
The Harvest Trail – Spree
Oceanlord – 2340
Jake Weber – A Baron Land
Living Through Mirrors – Fear Of The Unknown
Dead Letter Circus – I Am
Dreadnaught – Aim To Destroy
Nekromudgeon – Everlasting Godstopper
Se Bon Ki Ra – Symmetry
Black Majesty – Vlad The Impaler
Dead Kelly – Put Em Up C**t
Hidden Intent – Breaking Point
Hadal Maw – White Elephant
Blackhelm – Dark Clouds Of The Inferno
Recoil VOR – Unto the Paradox
Armoured Angel – Hymn Of Hate
4Arm – Submission For Liberty