Introspect – Winterbloom
Motherslug – Hordes
Toxicon – (Dis)connect
Orpheus Omega – Within These Walls
Psycroptic – Ashes of Our Empire
The Overcoming Project – Determination
Purenvy – Sweet Poison
Mushroom Giant – Mountain Ash and the Earthly Remains
Infinite Exile – Subhuman
Nicolas Cage Fighter – Compound and Fracture
Remains – The Butcher
Blood Duster – Northcote
GUEST DJ SET by Tone Bone (Remains, ex-Blood duster)
The Amenta – Mictlan
Pizza death – Pizza Death
Galaxy – Bright Stars
Internal Rot – Melted Cosmos
Ruins – Faust
Bastardizer – Whiskey ’til Death
Nocturnal Graves – The Pestilence Crucified
Carcinoid – Ravenous Being
The Kill – Shower Of Bricks
Faceless Burial – Irreparably Corpsed
Wretch – Bend Sinister
Pod People – Filling the Void
Mindsnare – The Death
Harlott – Prime evil
Reaper – Taste the Blade
Voyager – Colours
The Plague – Within Death
Bestial warlust – At the graveyard of god