Escarion – Gluttony
Meshiaak – Severed
Skyhammer – The Skyhammer
Hidden Intent – Breaking Point
Dead Kelly – Broken Boxing Bag
Mercurious – Revelation
The Amenta – Parasight Lost
Sumeru – Cold Chamber
Disentomb – Broken Under Your Symbol of Atonement
Werewolves – Mission Statement
Darklore – From The Shadow
AUSSIE HEAVY REQUESTS Bands that start with the letter “E” Only!
Earth Rot – Out In The Cold
Eye of The Enemy – The Shift
Ebonivory – Patting the Black Dog
Eyefear – Of Blind Faith
Envenomed – Are You Gonna Go My Way
Encircling Sea – Elderfire
Evocatus – Walls Of Troy
Eternum – Beyond What You See
Eternal Rest – Water Me Not
Espionage – Enter The Arena