Pod People – Filling the Void
Lord – United (Welcome Back)
Cog – Drawn Together
Ironstone – Machine
Hybrid Nightmares – Star Fortress
Darkcell – Reign Of The Monsters
All This Filth – This Is Misery
Truth Corroded – To The Carnal Earth
From Crisis To Collapse – Slow Burn
Orpheus Omega – Suffer
Boris The Blade – Anathema
King Parrot – Shit on the Liver
Red Bee – Autumn Blood Horizon
Carbon Black – End of This
Blood Duster – Northcote
The Mark Of Cain – Familiar Territory
Damaged – My Grain
Chaos Divine – The Beaten Path
Beanflipper – I Human
Devolved – Biotics
Alchemist – Soul Return
Be’lakor – Roots to Sever
Hidden Intent – Drop Bears Are Real
Blackened Angel – Purgatory