Hidden Intent – Dead End Destiny
Belle Haven – Nobody Likes A Hospital
Executus – The Black Throne Of Chaos Abandoned
The Amenta – Overpast
Flynn Effect – Andromeda
Flaming Wrekage – Running Blind
Acolyte – Entropy
Escarion – Pride
The Automaton – Infinite
AUSSIE HEAVY REQUESTS Now Open! Bands that start with the letter “E” Only!
Elm Street – Face The Reaper
Earth Rot – Dread Rebirth
Ebonivory – Hanmer Street
Eye of The Enemy – The Oath
Espionage – Light Begins To Fade
Eyefear – Changes
Evocatus – Centurion
Envenomed – Abandon Hope
Earth – Black Earth
Encircling Sea – Elderfire
Eternum – Beyond What You See