Parkway Drive – Glitch
Dead City Ruins – Speed Machine
Nicolas Cage Fighter – Shrine Of Wire
Modality – Hope Is For The Hopeless
Superheist – Medicated
Mushroom Giant – Vestige
Werewolves – Harvest Of The Skulls
Visualis – Doom Arise
Bilke – Space Chimp
Bunyip – Dodged A Bullet
Yeah,Sick – Living Hamburger
Sonic Circus – The Black Songbird
Voyager – Seasons Of Age
The Plague – Effigy Of The Rotten
Abramelin – Pleasures
Jerk – I Hate People Like That
Gangs Of Old Ladies – Disease Of The Undead
Chaos Divine – Painted With Grey
Eyefear – A World Full of Grey
The Furor – Hammerstorm Forecast
Dreadnaught – Pushed To The Limit?
Cog – Doors (Now and Then My Life Feels Like It’s Going Nowhere)
Balloons Kill Babies – Patches In The Sky
Crypt Crawler – Force Fed To The Dead
Cryogenic – Bring It On