Aversions Crown – The Breeding Process
Opus Of A Machine – Up Out
Mammal – Virtue Signalling
High Tension – Ular
Aerials – Drawing Blood
Circles – Blueprints for a Great Escape
The Eternal – In The Lilac Dusk
Naberus – Hollow
Hammers – Just Cause
Muso’s ONLY! Your own band requests!  \m/
Blackened Angel – Of Wings And White
The Outcome – The End
Contrive – You’re Owned
Chaos Divine – Painted With Grey
Lo! – Locust Christ
Order Of Chaos – No Passion To The Grind
Lethal Vendetta – Liars Dice
Hypergiant – Planetcracker
Solum – Evoking The Dead
Hidden Intent – Apocalypse Now
Superheist – Raise Hell
Se Bon Ki Ra – Left Of Centre
The Murdering – Scorched Birth