Voyager – Prince Of Fire
Our Last Enemy – Still Breathing
Electric Mary – The Dealer
Neomantra – Bardo Thodol (Tibetan Book of the Dead)
Gangs Of Old Ladies – Inner Demons
Alt. – Friendinthedark
Aetherial – Soulless
Shattered Hourglass – BloodHound
Innasanatorium – Statement Of Intense
Oceanlord – Kingdom
Engraved – Deadline
Twelve Foot Ninja – Over And Out
Those Left Behind – Mark My Words
Discordia – Living Dead
Freedom of Fear – Purgatorium
Damnations Day – Dissecting the Soul
From Crisis To Collapse – Needlepoint
Hidden Intent – We Are The End of Us
The Black Swamp – Headless
Segression – RamRod
Virgin Black – Walk Without Limbs
Cemetery Urn – A Requiem For Servants Aflame
King Parrot – Shit On The Liver
Jerk – Sucked In
Aversions Crown – Prismatic Abyss
Idle Ruin – Valley Inferno