Werewolves – Harvest Of The Skulls
Jake Weber – There’s Something In The Blood
Devonian – Apostasy
True Believer – Back To You
Gangs Of Old Ladies – Raped By Ghosts
Superheist – Medicated
Dracorex – Out For The Count
Psycroptic – Exitus
Remains – Lords Of Grind
Malignant Aura – A Sililoquy Beneath The Sepulchre
The Opinion Industry – Petitions-Protestors
Immorium – Pride
The Berzerker – The Principles and Practices of Embalming
Mortal Sin – Mortal Slaughter
Taramis – Queen Of Thieves
Alarum – Velocity
King – One More War
Art In Exlie – Quarantine
The Mark Of Cain – Tell Me
Karnivool – All I Know
Portal – Curtain
Minus Life – Contorted Reality
The Amenta – Sere Money