Cog – The Middle
Witchskull – Son of the Snake
Flynn Effect – Believer
Lethal Vendetta – Final Conflict
Opus Of A Machine – Up Out
Grill – Circadian Patterns
Inhuman Remnants – Solipsis II
Like Thieves – Never See It Coming
Moonshifter – Am Yours You Are Mine
The Black Swamp – Event Horizon
Vanishing Point – Hope Among The Heartless
Psycroptic – The Valley Of Winds Breath And Dragons Fire
AC/DC – Are You Ready
Sadistik Exekution – Agonising The Dead
Armoured Angel – Communion
Harlott – Extinction
Lord – Forever
Ruins – Threshold forms
Whoretopsy – He Wouldn’t Hurt A Fly
Voyager – Lost
Valhalore – Augury of Death
Hybrid Nightmares – Lucifer Vesper