Werewolves – Crushing Heaven’s Mandate
Carbon Black – One Enemy
Scaphis – Blood Eagle
Where The Devil – Descending Death
Psycroptic – Rend Asunder
Lost Lexicon – Into The Storm
Coffin Carousel – Order Of The Bat
Sensory Amusia – Vermin
Longing Maw – Scum Saviour
Remains – Bloodthirst
Eviscerate The Crown – Betrayer Deceiver
In Malice’s Wake – The Blindness Of Faith
The Mark Of Cain – 1000 Yards
Christbait – Yeast
AC/DC – Down Payment Blues
Contrive – What’s Mine
The Plague – Effigy Of The Rotten
Cog – No Other Way
As I Destruct – A Question Of Faith
F.U.C.! – The Statement
Idle Ruin – Gods of Glass
Ethereal Realm – Nightmare