In Malice’s Wake – Graven Image
Eviscerate The Crown – The Abyss
Harlott – Detritus of the Final Age
Choose Your God – Vaticlimax
Psycroptic –  A Fragile Existence
Escarion – Greed
Vyrion – Squall
Robot God – Unified Field
Deprivation – Through The Ribcage
Growth – Cigarette Burns
One Only! An Australian Heavy Rock/Metal Band you have NEVER seen Live?
Cog – The River Song
Twelve Foot Ninja – Dig For Bones
Alchemist – Great Southern Wasteland
Hobbs Angel Of Death – House Of Death
Thy Art Is Murder – Death Squad Anthem
Contrive – You’re Owned
Chaos Divine – Beacon
Ne Obliviscaris – Intra Venus
Silent Knight – Prophets Of War
Mammoth Mammoth – Kreuzung
Maniaxe – Hypnosis