Northlane – Dante
Mortuary Sickness – Diabolical Rites Of Agony

Ocean Sleeper – Heaven
iVi Duzel – Forsaken (feat Tim Ripper Owens)

Vipassi – Phainesthai
Captured Kings – Into The Fish Pit

CrisisAct – Two Sides of the Same Coin
Flying Giant – Revenant

King – Black Dimension
Alpha Wolf – Bring Back The Noise
Plini – Still Life

All This Filth – It’s Never Going To Be Ok
Revulsed – Inconceivable Hallucinations

Hidden Intent – Drop Bears Are Real
Virgin Black – Drink The Midnight Hymn
Flaming Wrekage – Thrown To The Wolves
Blood Duster – Chop-Chop
Daysend – Questions
Damnations Day – The Witness
Taramis – Dreaming
Neuropath – My Bleeding Mortality
Lynchmada – Green River
Mortal Sin – Psychology of Death
Deprivation – Through the Ribcage
Desecrator – Serpents Return
Make Them Suffer – Ghost Of Me
Hellbringer – Realm Of The Heretic