Seraphic – Insidious
Mercurious – Unstable
Larry Leadfoot  – S.W.A.B.
The Butterfly Effect – So Tired
The Last Martyr – Afterglow
Interview w/ Allegiance Conrad Higson Part.1
Allegiance – Chaos Dies
Interview w/ Allegiance Conrad Higson Part.2
Allegiance – Dealt The Cruel Hand
Allegiance – Scorn
Allegiance – Time To React (live)
Kronoceptor – The Spirits Design [Encoded Artistry]
Parkway Drive – Deliver Me
Mortal Sin – Deny
The Opinion Industry – They’re Recording This
Project 34 – Distant Eradication
King Parrot – Sun in the Sea
Damaged – Change
Dr Colossus – Pickabar
The Mark Of Cain – Point Man
Synaescope – Consequences Are A Choice
Temtris – Ritual Warfare
Immorium – Across The Fade
In:Extremis – Flesh Test
Black Majesty – Dragons Unite