King Parrot – Silly ‘Ol Mate
I Killed The Prom Queen – To The Wolves
Karnivool – A.M.War
DeadKelly – WBRADN
Octanic – The Mask of Hypocrisy
Aeon Of Horus – Release
Thy Art Is Murder – Shadow Of Eternal Sin
The Occupants – Wonderland
Abramelin – Deprived Of Afterlife – Deprived Of Afterlife
Sydonia – Elbow
Malakyte – Flood of Flames
Like Thieves – The Wolves At Winters Edge
Truth Corroded – Hallowed Black Sun
Clagg – Old Bones, Four Walls
4Arm – I Will Not Bow
Be’lakor – Fraught
Claim The Throne – Serpent And The Star
Blood Duster – Northcote
Alkira – Hell’s March
Virgin Black – In Winters Ash

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