Twelve Foot Ninja – Mother Sky
Rust Proof – On The Lamb
Karnivool – The Refusal
Devour The Martyr – Realm Of The Toxic
Sleepmakeswaves – What we cannot speak of must be passed over in silence
Abramelin – Misfortune
Orpheus Omega – Corridors
HELM – Drag The Anchor
Interview w/ Dwayne from ELECTRIK DYNAMITE
Interview Part.1
Electrik Dynamite – Showgirls
Interview Part.2
Electrik Dynamite – Steel Of Fortune
Diminish The Gods – Prionic Embrace
Alchemist – Spiritechnology
Chaos Divine – One Door
Mindsnare – Among Us
Bellusira – Cachango
Quantum Mechanism – Grace Under Pressure
Disembowelment – Excoriate
Gospel of the Horns – Vengeance Is Mine
Frankenbok – Black Saturday
Airbourne – Back In The Game
Lo! – Fallen Leaves
King Parrot – Sun in the Sea

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