The Amenta – Plague Of Locus
Triple Kill – …And Hell Followed With Him

Bunyip – Dodged A Bullet
Polaris – Nightmare

Sons Of Erebus – Worldfall
Our Last Enemy – Ad Undas

Thy Art Is Murder – Keres
Ghost Engine – Writings
Claret Ash – Cascadence Of The Twilight

Hatescape – Hollow
Elm Street – Take The Night
The Broken And The Wicked – Skin And Bone

Be’lakor – Fraught
Parkway Drive – Wishing Wells
Zeolite – Legion
Minus Life – The Hypnotist
Damaged – Token Remedies Research
Meshiaak – Alliance Of Thieves
I Am Duckeye – Sex Fight
Alchemist – Yoni Kunda
Christbait – Yeast
Dreadnaught – 10 X The Pain
Oath of Damnation – Wrath of Formosus
4Arm – Submission For Liberty