Abreact – Paper Planes
Kaosphere – All Is Lost
Aetherial – It’s Only Blood
Chaos Divine – Beacon
Seraphic – The Phoenix
Evocatus – Warriors Of The Sea
James Norbert Ivanyi – Rubik’s Grand Convolution
King Parrot – Banished, Flawed Then Docile
Crisisact  – Fuck Knows If I Die
Vanishing Point – Free
Envenomed – Disobey The Beast
Darkcell – Burn The Witches
Cog – Bird of Feather
Eyefear – A World Full of Grey
Sakkuth – Time And  Sweat Nectar
Immorium – Pride
Sunk Loto – 5 Years Of Silence
The Day Everything Became Nothing – Press
Superheist – Detonate
Encircling Sea – Bloodstone
Freedom of Fear – The Abstract Venom
Mortal Sin – Lebanon